Specialized Products

Financial Data Recon Automation Tool

Acadia Edge Group has developed an elegant MS Access based tool that can be customized to compare information from diverse sources on a field by field basis to flag differences and detect missing values. This is an invaluable tool for all major re-engineering projects since the greatest fear of migrating data from a legacy to a new system is incorrect mapping of data elements that can cause differences in monetary amounts, without throwing exceptions that can be easily detected. Our generalized tool makes it easy to setup a set of recon objectives and automate pre-production verifications with minimum manual testing, saving money for customers as well as ensuring comprehensive accuracy and coverage than possible through human testing.

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Mapping templates for Market Data

Acadia Edge Group has developed, through experience on various engagements, a set of common templates to source and map data elements from leading market data vendors including Bloomberg, Reuters, Barclays, Markit, etc. Use of these templates can reduce the need to design such collateral from scratch and result in cost savings for an organization, as well as ensure accuracy through reuse of proven methods.

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